Author, Editor, Lyle Ernst. Dream Taskmaster to the Literary-dreamers, and Champion to the “Indies’ ” successes

Everyone knows when Lyle enters the room because his boisterous laugh precedes him. Fight as hard as you can friend; We need to hear that laugh some more! ~Jill

When your best buddy puts on Facebook that he has Stage 4 lung cancer and won’t be on Facebook while “fighting the good fight,” a get well card just doesn’t cut it. Lyle and…

Source: Author, Editor, Lyle Ernst. Dream Taskmaster to the Literary-dreamers, and Champion to the “Indies’ ” successes


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Steps to Self-Publishing

Deciding to self-publish your work can seem like a daunting task. In reality it isn’t hard as long as you take it step-by-step and find the correct people to help you along the way.

Use the steps below to guide you through the self-publishing process:

  1. Finish writing your manuscript.
    Duh, right?  Quite a few authors try to start the process without having their manuscript completed. By completed I mean, your manuscript should already be edited by yourself and at least read through by someone else and all rewrites are done. It needs to be as done as you can make it yourself.
  2. Hire an editor.grammar-389907
    Find an editor that fits you. You want an  editor that listens to what you need. This editor will be looking at your manuscript and giving you feedback. Editors tell you what needs to be rewritten,  taken out, and in general cleans up your manuscript so it reads cohesively without losing the original voice.
  3. Make all the necessary changes to your manuscript based on the editor’s feedback.
  4. Proofread, proofread, proofread!
    Hire a proofreader. A fresh pair of eyes find a lot more mistakes than the pair that has looked at the same words for over a year or so. Over time our minds fill in the gaps because it knows what we meant to say.
  5. Hire a formatter.hand-set-705674
    The same person can sometimes format for print and eBooks. The person you hire will need to know where you intend to sell your books so they can format your manuscript to specific specs. This conversation should also include how many ISBN’s you will need and where to acquire them. The print formatter will need to know what size you would like your book to be. For an explanation of ISBN’s click on the links below.
  6. Hire a graphic designer.
    If you are self-publishing in print and online you will need two covers. One for your print book and one for online. Both require different formatting. Once again the graphic designer will need to know where you are intending to sell your books so they can apply the correct specs to your covers. The graphic designer will also need to know the size of your book and how many pages your print book is when the print formatter is done formatting so they can design your cover correctly. General cover formatting for print and eBooks is linked below.
  7. Send or upload files to be printed.
    Send your formatted manuscript and cover file to the printer or upload them to a POD site.
  8. Upload your eBook files.
    Create the necessary accounts and upload your formatted eBook manuscript and cover file to an eBook distributor.
  9. Market your books. board-1097118
  10. Start writing your next book!

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Book Covers 101

When publishing a book you will need a print cover and an eBook cover. What is the difference you ask?

Depending on where you print and upload your books there may be specific specs for pixels, dpi, resolution, and size. Below are the general requirements for both covers.

eBook Covers Require:

  • JPEG file type
  • Formatted to R,G,B
  • The front cover only

Print Covers Require:

  • PDF file type
  • Formatted to C,Y,M,K
  • A full spread of front, back, and spine in one file based on formatted page countPrint CoverCover(2)

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Tighten Your Writing By Editing

Editing your own work can be tricky sometimes. The list below is from the World of Horror blog. It’s a good list of several editing tips to help you tighten your writing.

1. Develop a thick skin.Or at least to pretend to. It’s not easy. But we writers need to listen to our editors—even if that means listening to ourselves! 2. Avoid throat-clearing. This is a literary term for a story or chapter that finally begins after a page or two of scene setting and background. Get […]

via The Ultimate Checklist for Editing Your Own Book — World of Horror

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Twin Cities Book Festival 2016

Exhibitor-ad-2.6-x-2.6-squareThe Twin Cities Book Festival is scheduled for October 15, 2016 at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds. There are over 100 exhibitors along with author readings, book signings, book sales, forums, and events for kids, tweens, teens, and adults. The best part is admission is FREE!

Barefoot Editing will have an exhibit table at this year’s festival and I am excited to offer two book signings in the afternoon at my table. Author’s Sarah Solmonson and Karen Stockwell will both be signing books. I would love for you to meet both talented authors and have your book signed.TCBF Book Signings Flyer
***Today’s Book Signing is scheduled for October 15, 2016 at the Twin Cities Book Festival.

Click on the link for a full list of Twin Cities Book Festival scheduled events.

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