Eating More Healthy

I watched the documentary Hungry for Change last weekend with my husband and by the end we are both determined to eat better. We paused the documentary  several times to discuss what was presented. Did you know there are 80 different names for MSG? Did you know aspartame causes formaldehyde to build up in your brain causing serious medical problems? Did you also know MSG and aspartame cause you to GAIN weight? I did know that most Americans are starving even though they are overweight because they don’t eat the right kinds of food to get the correct nutrition. I had this experience a couple of weeks ago. I forgot my lunch and had to grab something quick and inexpensive. I went to an unnamed fast food restaurant and ordered a burger, fries, and diet soda and gobbled it up. I couldn’t figure out two hours later why my stomach was literally growling loudly when I had eaten lunch. Yes, I ate lunch but it was a garbage lunch. There was no nutritional value at all in any of it, hence the growling stomach. After the documentary finished I looked at my husband and commented that I was only going to shop the outside of the grocery store from now on. I received the strangest look at first and then it dawned on him why I said that. All of the produce, meat, and dairy; the fresh fruit, is located around the outside of the grocery store. The processed food that really isn’t food with zero nutritional value is in the center. He agreed so we are on a journey to eat healthy from now on. Cooking healthy meals at home and limiting eating at restaurants will be a challenge for us but it will be worth it to feel healthy and shed the sluggish feeling.



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5 responses to “Eating More Healthy

  1. For more inspiration/motivation: Supersize Me (Documentary), Food Inc. (Documentary), Fat, Starving and Nearly Dead (Documentary). The book Eating Animals by Jonathan Safron (I think?). It is so scary to think of how much crap we are putting in our bodies, and then we wonder why we are…well…like the title above says, Fat, Sick and Nearly dead! It might be tricky to start, but once you begin these changes you really start to notice the difference between eating crap and eating real food. I still crave and devour crap on occassion, but I feel disgusting afterwards. It also sucks how clever the labels are – just becuase you’re eating organic doesn’t mean you’re still eating something good for you – but the marketing on packages tricks you into thinking you’re eating healthy! If there’s ingredients you can’t pronounce, or more than 6 (I think that’s the rule) odds are, it’s baad. Good luck on this you two!!

  2. My partner and I started down the same path about two years ago, and what a difference it’s made! Cholesterol levels are down, weight is down, energy levels are up, and there is just something SO wonderful about seeing refrigerator full of fresh, healthy food! Those documentaries are pretty compelling, aren’t they? I wish they were required viewing in schools!

    Thanks for visiting and liking my post, nice to meet a fellow editor! I hope you’ll also check out my Facebook page–I post a lot of things related to editing, writing, and publishing there.

    • I cannot wait to feel better because of how we are eating. It has been a challenge this past week but we are definitely making huge improvements. I haven’t blogged about editing yet. I’m still trying to decide what I want to highlight and how. Your posts are very inspiring:-)

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