Positive Attitudes

I am continually amazed at the positive responses I’ve received from people when I’ve mentioned our quest to eat healthy and cut out MSG. People are so helpful in sharing recipes and where to buy whole foods cheaply. I’m almost overwhelmed at all the information online and in books that I’m not sure where to start. We went grocery shopping for the first time and we were on a mission. I thought we would be there for hours decoding food labels but we weren’t. We picked up frozen hash browns to use in an egg, ham and cheese fritata and discovered the 2nd ingredient was vegetable oil. After analyzing why that would be in there we put it back and purchased a bag of potatoes instead. We are able to shred potatoes so we may as well do it ourselves and lose the extra oil that we don’t need. Everything we purchased was fresh so I consider our first week of grocery shopping a success.  We ended up eating out twice this week but our choices were made based on what we have learned already and I feel we are making progress. I went to a class through the library system on blending spices. The class was taught by people from Urban Relish MN. I’m not sure I am going to go so far as to grind my own spices but I could tell a difference in the spice when they ground it fresh and toasted it.  I am on a quest now to find healthy recipes that actually have flavor and are good.


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