Words of Wisdom on Writing from the King

Ever wake up and feel like ugh! and wish you could go back to bed? Well that would be me today. I woke up in Minnesota to snow AGAIN with more to come in the next couple of days. I’m not sure where spring went but this girl needs it and the sun badly. I wish I could curl up with a blanket and a book today but unfortunately I can’t. If I could I would go pick up the book Melissa Janda wrote about here and read it today. Thank you Melissa for reading something that wasn’t fiction and passing along your treasure. I probably wouldn’t have chosen to read this book but now I’m going to!

Melissa Janda - A Time to Write

Yesterday I published, Reading Fiction: Guilty Pleasure or Worthy Pursuit? In that post I stated that I only read fiction. Well it’s just one day later and I must retract that statement.

I received a copy of Stephen King’s On Writing in the mail yesterday afternoon. Yeah, it’s obviously not fiction but it’s a book on writing fiction so cut me some slack, okay? I’ve read several excerpts in the past but decided I needed to read the entire book. Well, I couldn’t put it down.

It’s a book on writing but it doesn’t read like an instruction manual and that, is a lesson on writing right there. It felt like I had sat down with a wise, yet fun-loving uncle as he imparted nuggets of wisdom, but first hooked me in by sharing funny anecdotes from his childhood.

The section where he offered advice on writing is a must read for any aspiring author. There…

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2 responses to “Words of Wisdom on Writing from the King

  1. You’re welcome and thanks for sharing my post! Glad to hear you’re going to read this book. Even if you don’t read/write books in his genre I believe every writer could learn something from the King 🙂

    • I take in as much information as I can on writing from anywhere I can get it. It’s amazing where a person can find tidbits of useful information. I actually just hunted down a copy that I can go pick up tonight:-)

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