Taking Flight: An Interview with Sarah Solmonson

Here is a great author interview with Sarah Solmonson the author of “Taking Flight”. “Taking Flight” is a beautifully written memoir that I am honored to have read.

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When was it clear that you were going to be a writer?

In early elementary school some high school kids came to our class to help us write our own books. We were supposed to write 1 by the end of their visit. I completed at least 4, and just kept going from there!

 With such a personal book, is it more difficult to accept negative reviews of your work than it would be if it had been a fiction book?

 Thankfully, my negative reviews have yet to be focused on the topic of the book. I know it’s coming, so I think being prepared helps the sting.  I welcome helpful criticism. For example, one”negative” review, which I rather respect, said that though the book was well written she found her mind wandering. I accept that every person who ends up with my book in their hands won’t be…

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2 responses to “Taking Flight: An Interview with Sarah Solmonson

  1. Thank you so much for the reblog! Sarah is amazing:)

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