Can You Raed Tihs? Why Tihs Stduy Is Improtnat for Wirtres

A perfect example of why writers need editors.

Melissa Janda - A Time to Write

canyoureadthisYou’ve probably seen this image floating around Facebook. That’s where I saw it. Were you able to read it? I didn’t even stumble over the words.  Amazing, right? Well, as the text indicates, as long as the first and last letters of a word are correct, the mind can still process the word.

It made me realize that if we can still read misspelled words then we can read sentences with redundant or even missing words as if there were no errors. Our mind just overlooks them or fills in the blank.

Why is this important for writers? No matter how many times you read your own manuscript, you will miss something. Not only because you can practically recite every sentence from memory but because it is human nature.

I’ve been letting my manuscript stew so that I can do a final edit with “fresh eyes” before sending it out for others to review…

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