Early Bird Catches the Worm

I know summer just began…well in Minnesota we almost have summer…anyhoo, I have fabulous news for the fall.

Jill & Tony at the 2013 Spring Conference

Tony & I at the 2013 Spring Conference

Mississippi River Writers is offering an Early Bird discount for their writing conference on October 5th!

The conference will be held in Freeport, Illinois at the Freeport Public Library and the topics covered will be marketing, self-publishing and memoirs.

Writers registering between Monday, June 10th and Monday, July 15th will receive $5.00 off the regular registration fee!

Register on Mississippi River Writers website. I have provided the link for you.

I had so much fun at the last one that I can’t wait for this one…however, I don’t want to wish my summer away (if it ever fully gets here).

Dowling House

Dowling House in Galena, IL

There are many things to see near Freeport. There is a town, Galena, rich in history not far from Freeport that has fabulous ghost tours. I’ll admit the tour was so good I was actually scared and found myself constantly looking behind me, even in the car on the way back to the hotel (much to the amusement of my husband).

Chicago from Navy Pier

Chicago from Navy Pier

Chicago is a bit further away but still worth a day trip. I love riding the L and seeing the sights. If you go there, I highly recommend eating at Bandera on Michigan Ave. and ordering their corn bread (it comes in a cast iron skillet) and chicken…I can taste it now. In fact we brought two orders of corn bread home with us to Minnesota when we went there last. I may need to go the long way to Freeport and stop in Chicago for some corn bread in October.

Me at Willis Tower (Sears Tower)

Me at Willis Tower (Sears Tower)
I was terrified, but I did it anyway.

I digress, sorry. Come join other writers at the fall conference. Soak up some information, share your ideas, network with other writers, and make new friends or meet up with old friends.



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    Writing conference anyone?

  2. Jill! Jill! We’re roadtripping to this together right? Don’t say no, I’ll cry.

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