My Apologies

Hammock - Polynesia.

I am apologizing to everyone for my lack of blogging. I’ve become the biggest slacker the entire month of June and I really have no excuse. I could say I took the month off because June is my birthday month, which is true, but that is lame. I could tell you I’ve been out-of-town almost every weekend this month, which is also true, but also lame. I could come up with a million other excuses but I’ll be honest; Summer has finally arrived in Minnesota and I’ve been slacking. The last thing I’ve wanted to do lately is sit in front of a computer. I promise July will be better.

The Pact

My book club is reading The Pact by Jodi Picoult this month. For those of you that survived my rant about The Storyteller I hope this book is better. I’ve been assured it is so I’m giving Jodi Picoult another chance as an author to redeem herself in my eyes. I started reading The Pact a few nights ago. I’m still on the first page…there were too many distractions so I put it down.

Something better kick me into gear quickly because my bookshelf is overflowing with books I want to read for fun. A few of the authors in the pile are Elin Hilderbrand, Tatiana De Rosnay, John Fowles, Hans Fallada, and Vince Flynn.

I promise to be a better blogger from now on. Thank you to everyone still reading my blog.

What titles and authors are on your Summer reading list?

My dog just told me he’d like to go outside. Yes, it’s just an excuse for me to go outside again. I’ll take it! Getting distracted isn’t always bad…sometimes it’s a lot of fun. Remembering your responsibilities is most important.

Enjoy your summer!


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