House Of The Fatted Penguin

Woozers! Once again the publishing industry shifts; not for the last time I’m sure. Thanks Tom for keeping us in the loop!

You and Me, Dupree


Today’s big book news is Apple’s loss in the Department of Justice antitrust action alleging that it colluded with five major trade book publishers to fix prices of e-books. (The publishers themselves settled out of court; Random House, which did not adopt Apple’s “agency model” of pricing for another year, was not named.) We now await the financial penalty and the inevitable appeals. But for my money, that’s not the biggest book news of the month. Neither is Barnes & Noble’s planned abdication of its e-book reader Nook, and the related resignation of its CEO, as part of the slow, sad decline of a mighty, even arrogant behemoth that once dictated how you got books to a mass market – if B&N didn’t like a cover, you frickin changed it – and rented out its front-of-store promotional space like the commodity this print-payola had become. These are titanic events…

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