I’m Feeling Restless


IMAG0102I am restless for change on my blog. I like the look of my blog as it is, but I need something new; perhaps with more color. Those that know me know that I use color in my house a lot. I once had a beautiful, bright red laundry room. Once people got past that it looked like someone was murdered in there, they liked it too.  I now have a lime green bathroom, I love it and so does my husband. He actually picked the color.

I like the look of this blog with the ability to use pictures that I have taken as a header. I think being able to share personal pictures allows readers to see a glimpse into who I am. Those are my terrified toes at the top of the Willis Tower on The Ledge in Chicago. I sat in those chairs while camping on the shore of Lake Superior. I climbed that rock to get a better view of the waterfall on the Baptist River in Northern Minnesota. Those waves crashed into shore for two days on Lake Superior fifteen feet from my tent. I felt like I was on the ocean…it was heavenly. I went all the way to Kraków, Poland to catch a glimpse of that painted car.


Let me explain before you think I’ve lost my marbles. I found another theme that I like, it’s grey. Yeah, I know that’s really not much color but the accents are in RED. I like it, I like it a lot. It has character. I fear that if I change my blog theme and I decide I don’t really like the new grey and red one, the theme I’m using now will be gone. I know, irrational right? I keep telling myself it doesn’t really matter because it’s just a blog. I know my anal retentiveness is flaring its ugly head but I can’t help it. I want my blog to look just right.

I like this theme but I need more color. I may just have to take the leap and change it up. If you are still reading my ramblings thank you. I suspect you will see changes here sooner than later.

Do you have a favorite theme?


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