Publishing Puts Prices in a Peculiar Perspective

This article, written by Chris McMullen, certainly puts royalties into perspective. I like his take on putting the cost of his bills in the amount of books he needs to sell. My husband and I do something similar and once we figure it out sometimes we decide what we were going to do isn’t worth the money. Thank you for making me literally laugh out loud while hitting the nail squarely on the head!


You just published you first book. You’ve sold a few copies. You earn a royalty of $3 per sale.

Now you’re celebrating by shopping for a new toaster. The one you like costs $18.

But you don’t see an $18 price tag. No. You’re thinking: “I’d have to sell 6 books to pay for that toaster.”

So you get out your cell phone, go online, and check your royalty report. You’ve only sold 3 books all day. Wow. At this rate, it will take two whole days of sales to pay for that toaster.

Next you’re in the mood for a cup of coffee. You head over to the coffee shop. It costs $3 for the coffee you want.

They make the cup of coffee in a few seconds. What does it have? Beans, water, sugar, caffeine? You slaved over a book for months, and much more work and time…

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