Against All Odds, I Conquered!

Edit Ruthlessly

Edit Ruthlessly (Photo credit: Dan Patterson)

This past month began slowly with a middle reader manuscript to edit. I enjoyed the 4th of July holiday and dug into the editing process. The middle reader manuscript is a very engaging read so it helps in the editing process. I was halfway through editing this manuscript when I received a call from another author needing help in the final edit to get their book to the publisher by a certain deadline. I finished the manuscript with the publishing deadline and I’m struck with a bad case of vertigo.

For those of you that have never experienced vertigo, I pray you never do. It’s a horrible way to spend several days. When vertigo comes knocking on my door my world spins endlessly even when my eyes are closed. The spinning makes me nauseous, sometimes it’s so bad I can’t keep anything down. I’ll never forget the look of hopelessness on my husband’s face the first time this occurred as I looked up in despair.

My vertigo went away after several doses of medicine and uncountable hours of sleep. I continued on with the middle reader I was originally editing.

I am pleased to announce despite having vertigo I managed to edit two manuscripts in three weeks. I feel like I have conquered the world! Sigh…Well, my little corner of it anyway. It’s the small victories in life that keep me going.



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5 responses to “Against All Odds, I Conquered!

  1. Oh, I know what you’re dealing with as I’ve had BPPV before and it is not fun. If you’ve suffered ear infections, head trauma or migraines you are more susceptible to it and I’ve had all three. There are exercises for it that seem silly but actually worked for me. Did they suggest any to you?

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