Ted Oswald Signs With Amazon Publishing, Haiti NGOs To Benefit

You never know when your book will fall into the right hands.

David Gaughran

becauseweareOkay, this might be my favorite ever blog post. Remember that guy who wrote that book set in Haiti, the one I was raving about, the one where he was giving all the profits to charity? Well, I have him back with some big news. Here’s Ted Oswald:

* * *

I’m a first-time author. I’m a self-taught writer. I crafted the best book I could, tried to follow the best self-publishing advice I could find. And last week, I concluded a book deal with Thomas & Mercer, Amazon Publishing’s mystery and thriller imprint.

How? I suspect divine intervention. I of course don’t have a five-point road map to offer to getting a deal, but I can at least share some of my stops along the way. I hope they’re encouraging for those who aspire to a deal, or hope to carve out a hybrid career straddling the realms of…

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