Changes Are Coming…Again

Duct-tape Moving Van

Duct-tape Moving Van (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I know my posts have been sporadic lately and I apologize for that. When I came back to my blog I realized I missed the look of my old blog so I am changing back to the old theme. I like the current one, but I like being able to personalize more of my blog with the original one. Before I switch back to the original theme I’m going to have some holiday fun. The theme will change monthly for the next couple of months and return to my regular blog after the new year. Changes are coming in more ways than one for me.

I took a break from blogging because we have been dealing with some family issues and we sold our home four days after listing it, so we will be moving in the coming month. It’s been a bit crazy lately. I’m hoping it slows down soon. It’s amazing how much people accumulate without realizing it! I told my brother I was tired of packing and I was only half done. His advice was, “Throw it all away if it isn’t already packed and buy it again if you need it.” I thought about it for a minute and decided he was right…except I’m not going to throw it all away. I’ve decided only the important stuff is getting packed and moved. The rest will be donated.

Watch for the new blog page; I’ll switch it when I take a break from packing boxes!


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