Ryan & Shannon’s Largest “Clouds” Choir

Zach Sobiech Breaking UpI will dare to say that Minnesotans are the best! I first heard Zach Sobiech’s song Clouds last year during KS95 for Kids marathon and was instantly drawn to this song. I don’t know how a song of such sorrow can be so beautiful but it is. I quickly bought tickets to go see Zach at his benefit concert at the Varsity Theater here in Minneapolis and was mesmerized by his music, his stage presence, and his overall kindness and love for everyone.

Yesterday 5,000 people gathered at the Mall of America to sing Zach’s song Clouds and it was beautiful! After seeing the video KS95 created, my favorite part is his parents at the end. I cannot imagine how they are feeling with this outpouring of support from the Minneapolis community and hearing their son’s words and music sung by so many. Check out KS95’s video from the Mall of America of Zach Sobiech’s song Clouds.


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