What’s So Right About the Self-Publishing Podcast Guys

For those of you looking for more self-publishing guidance check out the Self-Publishing Podcast!

Falls Into Writing

Two weeks ago, I stumbled onto the Self-Publishing Podcast website while searching for a writing podcast to listen to while cleaning up my house. I feel like I found the jackpot at the end of a double rainbow for various reasons. The podcast features Johnny B. Truant, Sean Platt, and David Wright – three guys who write in the most prolific manner. To understand why I both love and hate them at the same time, follow me down the (slightly dirty) rabbit hole.

The Podcast – I’m a latecomer to their podcast party. They’ve been producing the podcast since April 2012 (Happy 2-Year Anniversary, guys!). With episode titles such as “SPP 010 – Why Self-Published Authors NEED a Platform (and What It Should Look Like)“, “SPP 025 – Writing Processes That Will Make You a Better Writer“, and “SPP 087 – Best Self-Publishing…

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