Hibernation is Therapeutic

I hibernated this winter quite by accident but it was a great break. We sold our townhouse in November within four days of putting it up for sale and moved to a friend’s house so we could take our time looking for what we wanted. It was so cold here in Minnesota this winter that I ended up hibernating, not only physically but from technology too.

With temperatures reaching -30 degrees and wind chills reaching – 50 degrees and snow piling up like it did when I was a kid, I didn’t leave the house for much of anything. Schools were closed because it wasn’t safe for anyone to be outside for more than a minute without getting frostbite. It was so cold we boiled water and threw it up in the air and watched it evaporate instantly into snow. Needless to say, we often thought twice about leaving the house. Our cars were stocked with extra snow pants, hats, scarves, gloves, boots, and we wore long underwear and wool socks daily. I curled up in my blanket with my coffee and peppermint mocha creamer with the dog and read most weekends. I rarely turned on the computer all winter and it felt fabulous. Don’t get me wrong, I answered emails from my phone so I wasn’t completely unplugged but I took a nice break away from the computer and blogging. I recommend everyone should do that every so often.

I apologize to those that wondered where I disappeared to. I hadn’t planned to take a break, it just sort of happened.

Even though it was bitter cold I ventured outside a couple of times and had some really fun adventures (I waited for the warmer days). We went ice fishing, explored ice caves, and drove across frozen Lake Superior. I’ll blog about those adventures soon and share some pictures.

We will move in less than a week to our new home and hopefully we will live there for a very long time. I’m looking forward to the spring thaw, planting a garden, and venturing outdoors more.

Hibernation has been very therapeutic!


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