Interview with Anthony G. Wedgeworth

Tony’s energy is contagious and I love it! I have spoken at many writers conferences with Tony over the years and have learned something new from him each time. It makes me giggle every time he mentions the first edit blood bath. I didn’t intend for that to happen, I just wanted him to see my notes. In fact, if an author requests are hard edit, I don’t use red anymore at all. Tony’s series has come a long way from that first manuscript and I applaud all his hard work and dedication. To avid readers everywhere, if you are looking for a new series to read, I recommend Tony’s Altered Creatures series hands down!



Name: Anthony G. Wedgeworth

Age: 50, but I don’t act like it.

Fiona: Where are you from?

AGW: I’ve lived all across America and even in Madagascar, Africa. Currently I am living along the mighty Mississippi River in Southwest Wisconsin.

Fiona: Tell me a little about yourself.  

AGW: Growing up with learning disabilities and frequently being placed in special needs classes, I was often told that I was either lazy or stupid. I refused to be labeled as stupid so I continued to try harder. In high school it was discovered that I had severe dyslexia, but the school systems back then didn’t know how to teach students with such challenges. Fighting this challenge every day of my life, I didn’t allow it to prevent me from becoming an Industrial Engineering Manager, VP of Engineering, and President of various companies. I have owned several companies and am currently part…

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2 responses to “Interview with Anthony G. Wedgeworth

  1. Thank you for sharing my interview with Anthony

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