Prince – Artist – Legend

It’s hard to believe it’s been 4 days since Prince (Prince Roger Nelson) passed away and I’m still a little speechless.

Prince was a private, dare I say painfully shy man that came alive on stage while playing his music. He loved music and it shined through him. Paisley Park was his home but also his studio and the perfect place to share his music with the local community. A community that loved him and will miss him dearly. Prince was a household name and his music is like no other. He was a true entertainer, artist, and musician. He was famous for 37 of his short 57 years. He plays over 20 instruments, has a double diamond record (Purple Rain – 21 million copies sold), has 19 platinum albums, and 6 gold albums! What a legacy he leaves behind. May he forever play the music in his heart in heaven.
I ventured to Paisley Park on Friday and First Avenue on Sunday and the outpouring of love for Prince is amazing. For those of you that have never been…welcome to Paisley Park and First Avenue!


Prince: Son, Brother, Friend, Neighbor, Musician, Songwriter, Actor, Artist, LEGEND.

You have touched our lives with your music and we will never forget!


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