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Twin Cities Book Festival 2016

Exhibitor-ad-2.6-x-2.6-squareThe Twin Cities Book Festival is scheduled for October 15, 2016 at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds. There are over 100 exhibitors along with author readings, book signings, book sales, forums, and events for kids, tweens, teens, and adults. The best part is admission is FREE!

Barefoot Editing will have an exhibit table at this year’s festival and I am excited to offer two book signings in the afternoon at my table. Author’s Sarah Solmonson and Karen Stockwell will both be signing books. I would love for you to meet both talented authors and have your book signed.TCBF Book Signings Flyer
***Today’s Book Signing is scheduled for October 15, 2016 at the Twin Cities Book Festival.

Click on the link for a full list of Twin Cities Book Festival scheduled events.


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The Closed Door Stare

12661976_10153442256052362_4527753824254232713_nThis picture made me giggle. How many times do you look at rejection letters over and over?

When you do this you are staring at the closed door. STOP THAT! Shove those letters in a box or under a pile of books and stop wallowing. Keep looking ahead with your head up.

You can do this! Keep writing and working on your projects. Change your mantra to, “I will not stare at the closed door. I can do this!”

When a door closes a window opens…keep looking for your window!

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What Lies Within

Pink Daisy Flower by Simon Howden ID-10059998 - Ralph Waldo Emerson Quote

What lies within us is very powerful. Use it to your advantage and let your characters write themselves. Your past shapes who you are and it’s where our actions and reactions to every day happenings come from. If you use what lies within you, your characters will have depth because their actions and reactions will be believable.

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Breaking Writers Block

When you sit down to write and absolutely nothing flows from the pen to the paper don’t worry; I have the perfect solution. Find a picture in a book, on the internet, or a photo album and use it as a story starter. Weave a story around the picture you find by describing the setting, the characters (if there are any), and use dialogue if possible. Try to describe scents and feelings without telling. Before you know it your paper will be full and your writers block will be over.

If you’re suffering from writers block today use this photo for your story starter…

Family by arztsamui  ID-100231768

Image courtesy of arztsamui /

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Are You Writing Garbage?

Crumpled Paper  ID-10031167

If you think you are writing garbage; bend over, pick up that crumpled piece of paper, smooth it out and keep writing!
Brilliance comes out of garbage every time.


“Crumpled Paper” image courtesy of scottchan/ 

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