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The Versatile Blogger Award!

Versatile Blogger AwardTo my utter amazement, I’ve been nominated by Andy for The Versatile Blogger Award! I have not been blogging long so it always amazes me that people are reading my blog. Thank you so much for the nomination Andy. I provided a link to his blog so please be sure to check it out.

Of course, there are a few stipulations in accepting this award…which I am only too pleased to uphold.

Here are the rules:

  • Display the Award Certificate on your blog.
  • Announce your win with a post. Please be sure you post a link back to me as a ‘thank you’ for the nomination.
  • Present 15 awards to 15 deserving bloggers.
  • Leave them a comment to let them know after you have linked them to a post.
  • Post 7 interesting things about yourself.

Now for seven interesting things about myself:

  1. I am an avid hockey fan. I used to have season tickets for the Minnesota Wild.
  2. I have an irrational fear of bugs that makes my family laugh as I run around screaming and flailing my arms when one flies or lands near me. Heaven forbid if one should land on me!
  3. I enjoy quilting. I have about half of a hockey quilt pieced together. I’m definitely not an expert quilter!
  4. I would move to Maui, Hawaii in a heartbeat and live right on the ocean.
  5. I have an 80 pound British Lab that thinks he’s a person and a lap dog! Yes, I do talk to him all the time as he follows me around the house.
  6. I custom designed the cover of my laptop so nobody has one identical to me and I love it!
  7. I absolutely love to travel. I’ve been to California, Colorado, North & South Dakota, Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio, Florida, Hawaii, Canada, Mexico, Germany, and Poland. Some of my favorite cities are: San Francisco, CA; Chicago, IL; Maui, Hawaii; and Berlin, Germany.

The bloggers in this list have been a great source of humor, inspiration, and knowledge that they deserve The Versatile Blogger Award.

The fifteen bloggers, in no particular order, deserving my nomination are:

  1. Sarah Solmonson’s Blog
  2. chrismcmullen
  3. Melissa Janda – The Buzz on Writing
  4. disregard the prologue
  5. sshalsnoy’s blog
  6. Falls Into Writing
  7. lindaghill – Life in Progress
  8. Author Allen Watson
  9. Jay Em Edgecliff
  10. brainsnorts: Trashing Today for a Better Tomorrow
  11. Snotting Black
  12. readful things blog – An Opinion on Everything Literary
  13. Self-Published Authors Helping Other Authors
  14. Literary.land.of.Alysia
  15. WordServer Water Cooler


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I’m Feeling Restless


IMAG0102I am restless for change on my blog. I like the look of my blog as it is, but I need something new; perhaps with more color. Those that know me know that I use color in my house a lot. I once had a beautiful, bright red laundry room. Once people got past that it looked like someone was murdered in there, they liked it too.  I now have a lime green bathroom, I love it and so does my husband. He actually picked the color.

I like the look of this blog with the ability to use pictures that I have taken as a header. I think being able to share personal pictures allows readers to see a glimpse into who I am. Those are my terrified toes at the top of the Willis Tower on The Ledge in Chicago. I sat in those chairs while camping on the shore of Lake Superior. I climbed that rock to get a better view of the waterfall on the Baptist River in Northern Minnesota. Those waves crashed into shore for two days on Lake Superior fifteen feet from my tent. I felt like I was on the ocean…it was heavenly. I went all the way to Kraków, Poland to catch a glimpse of that painted car.


Let me explain before you think I’ve lost my marbles. I found another theme that I like, it’s grey. Yeah, I know that’s really not much color but the accents are in RED. I like it, I like it a lot. It has character. I fear that if I change my blog theme and I decide I don’t really like the new grey and red one, the theme I’m using now will be gone. I know, irrational right? I keep telling myself it doesn’t really matter because it’s just a blog. I know my anal retentiveness is flaring its ugly head but I can’t help it. I want my blog to look just right.

I like this theme but I need more color. I may just have to take the leap and change it up. If you are still reading my ramblings thank you. I suspect you will see changes here sooner than later.

Do you have a favorite theme?

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Work in Progress

Welcome to my work in progress. When I started this blog I thought it would be easy. I will upload a picture and write a paragraph or two and viola! it’s finished. I should know better than to assume any of that last statement is valid. I get lost in all the options, over thinking most, and hours later I am still not finished. My husband is sleeping peacefully with my British Lab snoring softly next to him in my spot while I weigh all the pros and cons to the color of a name. Yes, I will admit, sometimes my wish for perfection is a weakness. I really can’t sleep tonight anyway because my head is whirling with ideas and a very long to-do list. With all that said, welcome to my blog.  The look will probably change often and portions of it wrong at times; but that’s ok because this is my work in progress.

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February 8, 2013 · 10:17 AM