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Steps to Self-Publishing

Deciding to self-publish your work can seem like a daunting task. In reality it isn’t hard as long as you take it step-by-step and find the correct people to help you along the way.

Use the steps below to guide you through the self-publishing process:

  1. Finish writing your manuscript.
    Duh, right?  Quite a few authors try to start the process without having their manuscript completed. By completed I mean, your manuscript should already be edited by yourself and at least read through by someone else and all rewrites are done. It needs to be as done as you can make it yourself.
  2. Hire an editor.grammar-389907
    Find an editor that fits you. You want an  editor that listens to what you need. This editor will be looking at your manuscript and giving you feedback. Editors tell you what needs to be rewritten,  taken out, and in general cleans up your manuscript so it reads cohesively without losing the original voice.
  3. Make all the necessary changes to your manuscript based on the editor’s feedback.
  4. Proofread, proofread, proofread!
    Hire a proofreader. A fresh pair of eyes find a lot more mistakes than the pair that has looked at the same words for over a year or so. Over time our minds fill in the gaps because it knows what we meant to say.
  5. Hire a formatter.hand-set-705674
    The same person can sometimes format for print and eBooks. The person you hire will need to know where you intend to sell your books so they can format your manuscript to specific specs. This conversation should also include how many ISBN’s you will need and where to acquire them. The print formatter will need to know what size you would like your book to be. For an explanation of ISBN’s click on the links below.
  6. Hire a graphic designer.
    If you are self-publishing in print and online you will need two covers. One for your print book and one for online. Both require different formatting. Once again the graphic designer will need to know where you are intending to sell your books so they can apply the correct specs to your covers. The graphic designer will also need to know the size of your book and how many pages your print book is when the print formatter is done formatting so they can design your cover correctly. General cover formatting for print and eBooks is linked below.
  7. Send or upload files to be printed.
    Send your formatted manuscript and cover file to the printer or upload them to a POD site.
  8. Upload your eBook files.
    Create the necessary accounts and upload your formatted eBook manuscript and cover file to an eBook distributor.
  9. Market your books. board-1097118
  10. Start writing your next book!

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Tighten Your Writing By Editing

Editing your own work can be tricky sometimes. The list below is from the World of Horror blog. It’s a good list of several editing tips to help you tighten your writing.

1. Develop a thick skin.Or at least to pretend to. It’s not easy. But we writers need to listen to our editors—even if that means listening to ourselves! 2. Avoid throat-clearing. This is a literary term for a story or chapter that finally begins after a page or two of scene setting and background. Get […]

via The Ultimate Checklist for Editing Your Own Book — World of Horror

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Writers Conference Coming Soon

Vintage Typewriter by Witthaya Phonsawat ID-100238218I’m traveling to Illinois for the Mississippi River Writers conference on October 4th. It is sure to be an informative day filled with networking and making new friends. Below is the press release for the conference. I’d love to see all of you there. I’ve given reasons why writers should attend conferences herehere, and here.

The Freeport Public Library is the venue for the Mississippi River Writers Conference on Saturday, October 4th. The writing conference will be held from 10-4 p.m., and will bring together presenters from all over the Midwest to work with new and established writers in the area.

Topics to be presented include How to Edit Your Work Properly. Lyle Ernst from Davenport, Iowa will be discussing editing techniques that can help your work stand out to publishers and readers. Ernst is a professional freelance editor and award-winning author who has been writing and editing professionally for 15 years. He is both traditionally and self-published, and his work includes non-fiction, memoirs, and fiction.

Anthony Wedgeworth from Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin will be doing a presentation on how to keep your readers hooked in your story. Many books tend to sag in the middle or get boring. Wedgeworth will give writers tips on how to avoid this writing pitfall. He is the award-winning author of the Altered Creatures fantasy series, and has been writing professionally for over 10 years.

Freeport’s own Kim Sigafus will be doing a marketing presentation. As the industry now stands, both traditionally published and self-publishers need to market their work. Sigafus will share unique marketing tips and what has worked for her. She is an award-winning author of Native American fiction, children’s, and non-fiction books, and the Commissioning Editor of McIver Publishing based in Freeport.

Conference Speaker Fred Waiss from Wisconsin will be giving a presentation on how to break into magazine writing. Waiss has published stories, poetry, and articles about writing in the on-line magazine Page and Spine, and a story in The Storyteller magazine.  He has stories in anthologies such as Dark Light 3 and Dandelions of Mars.  A fantasy novel is scheduled to be published next summer by Double Dragon Publishing.

E-Book extraordinaire Jill Austin from Barefoot Editing in Minnesota will be in attendance to talk with authors about e-Booking their work.  Well-versed in e-Book formatting, Kindle, SmashWords and almost everything e-Book, she is a wealth of information on the subject. Austin has an English degree and has been a professional editor for several years.

A panel of all presenters including Ms. Austin will be answering questions from conference participants. It is the goal of the conference organizers that no one should leave without having questions answered or contacts made for further help.

The annual writing contest is currently underway for registered conference participants. A great prize will be given for the best short story based on a prompt.

Lunch is included in the conference fee of $50. On the menu is a meal of traditional Ojibwa flair; Wild Rice and Turkey Soup and homemade bread.

For more information on the conference or to register, please check out MississippiRiverWriters.com or call (815) 297-2293. The deadline to register is Friday, September 26th.

Image courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net “Vintage Typewriter” by Witthaya Phonsawat ID-100238218


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Are You Writing Garbage?

Crumpled Paper  ID-10031167

If you think you are writing garbage; bend over, pick up that crumpled piece of paper, smooth it out and keep writing!
Brilliance comes out of garbage every time.


“Crumpled Paper” image courtesy of scottchan/freedigitalphotos.net 

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Against All Odds, I Conquered!

Edit Ruthlessly

Edit Ruthlessly (Photo credit: Dan Patterson)

This past month began slowly with a middle reader manuscript to edit. I enjoyed the 4th of July holiday and dug into the editing process. The middle reader manuscript is a very engaging read so it helps in the editing process. I was halfway through editing this manuscript when I received a call from another author needing help in the final edit to get their book to the publisher by a certain deadline. I finished the manuscript with the publishing deadline and I’m struck with a bad case of vertigo.

For those of you that have never experienced vertigo, I pray you never do. It’s a horrible way to spend several days. When vertigo comes knocking on my door my world spins endlessly even when my eyes are closed. The spinning makes me nauseous, sometimes it’s so bad I can’t keep anything down. I’ll never forget the look of hopelessness on my husband’s face the first time this occurred as I looked up in despair.

My vertigo went away after several doses of medicine and uncountable hours of sleep. I continued on with the middle reader I was originally editing.

I am pleased to announce despite having vertigo I managed to edit two manuscripts in three weeks. I feel like I have conquered the world! Sigh…Well, my little corner of it anyway. It’s the small victories in life that keep me going.


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