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I Love Technology, I Hate Technology!

I went to see an author speak about a book he wrote and published. It was fun and I left feeling inspired. So much so that I bought the book he wrote. So on the way home I’m using the voice recorder on my phone to make some notes from the presentation so I could use them later to write a blog about this author and his book.

I was loving my phone and the ability to work while I was driving so I didn’t forget the important points I wanted to highlight. We have come such a long way with technology that we forget how much we use our technological gadgets to improve our every day lives. Everyone is connected for some, if not all, of their day to technology. Well, I had an epic technology fail and it wasn’t even technologies fault. It was completely my own but I’m blaming technology. My epic fail came from getting a new phone. I was having issues with the battery life of my phone so I ran in and purchased a new phone. As the woman was activating my phone she tells me how much money I could get if I recycle my phone.
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Ok, I have a secret. One my husband discovered and now all of you will know. I was mortified but couldn’t stop laughing when he discovered my secret. I still have every single cell phone I’ve ever owned and my husband found them in a bag in the trunk of my car when he was cleaning it out. Yes, you all can laugh too because I still giggle about it. I have one of the original big boat anchor phones that you have to flip open to use. If I were to line them up we could see the progression of cell phone technology…hey, I should do that! I never wanted to part with my old phones because I was nervous that some important bit of information would be left on it and someone else would gain access to my information. Yes, I know that is stupid but that’s what I thought.

I told you all that because for the first time in my life I recycled my phone on the spot without thinking of it and immediately regretted it. I didn’t take time to figure out how to transfer apps over, much less remember what apps I had. I certainly forgot I had made notes in my voice recorder until I sat down to blog about the experience and realized my notes were in my recycled phone that had been reset before I left the store.

In that moment I realized how much I rely on technology and so does everyone around me. Therefore, I hate it because I do rely on it so heavily daily and I love it because it makes life easier in most cases. I was complaining to my husband about the loss of my notes and he now understands, a little, why I have all my old cell phones…and their chargers in the trunk of my car.

I’ve learned my lesson to always back up information in some way so this never happen again.



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I Didn’t Die!

This afternoon I was typing away in my office when my husband came in and informed me that he needed to turn the breaker off and I would lose the lights for a while. I told him to go ahead because the screen on my computer would be lit up so I could keep working. He left and I’m typing frantically to get some emails out so I could wrap up for the day. I hit the send button and wait, and wait, and wait. Now I know it does not take that long to send an email. I hit send again and still nothing happens. I’m thinking something just locked my computer up and I just need to shut it off but I’m not finished working. After waiting nearly 10 minutes for nothing to happen; I discover I have no power in the office at all. Our house is so old and wired so poorly that when the breaker was flipped not only did the lights go out but all the outlets too. My modem is plugged into a now dead outlet. I could have sat there all day and kept hitting send and my email never would have gone. My laptop continued to work because I was running on the battery. Upon discovering I didn’t have internet anymore I sat staring at my computer wondering what I was going to do. Really?! I sat there dumbfounded. I finally shut my computer off and felt sheepish that it stumped me for that long. It wasn’t all that long ago that there wasn’t an internet connection literally everywhere. Now suddenly I was frantic without it. I had the rest of the afternoon and evening internet free and guess what; I didn’t die. I spent time with my British Lab running in the park and cleaning the house. I enjoyed my free time and I urge everyone to take a couple of hours, or a day, off from technology and enjoy the people and surroundings you are in. I did.

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